January 26, 2010

Drunk Horse...

So I have made it back safe from Mexico! It was very refreshing to be on vacation and relax. Though there was no weed, I made up for it with all the great beer and tequila that country has to offer. Pacifico is my favorite beer anyways....

It's always really hard for me to keep up with something like this, as the only media I really participate in is the music I enjoy. I am trying to keep this blog up though so people can maybe find a new favorite band, or at least one they enjoy. All the bands I post will be at random or at least not any new releases (for now). I guess it relates to my mood.

So I am very excited for an upcoming show at the Rickshaw Stop in San Francisco. Though I've been kicked out of that club before and most nights are just filled with trendy dance parties and computerized "music" I did catch Goblin Cock there. This upcoming Wednesday a band called Trainwreck is playing. I have mixed feelings because the band features Kyle Gass of Tenacious D. In America, anyone who achieves mainstream success was just a marketing idea deployed by some white guy in a suite. This is why I have some negativity about that band.

What I really am looking forward to is the supporting band, Drunk Horse. This is a good Hard Rock band from across the Bay, in Oakland, CA. I enjoy seeing bands play in their local area, so Drunk Horse should be really fun. Currently they have released three albums that give you anything you'd want from a good, true rock 'n roll band. Though not really a Doom or Stoner band, anyone can enjoy when a group of great musicians get together. Sometimes their singer even reminds of the singer from Pissed Jeans vocally and lyrically.

Here I'm gonna post what I feel, in my opinion, is Drunk Horse's best album. It's their first and self-titled  album. Sorry if I don't give great descriptions, but why should my opinion have any role in affecting yours? Anyways, if you enjoy music similar to my tastes, you'll love this band.

I had to upload this myself, and I am new to file sharing. If you don't have an account, you may have to download the tracks one by one. Either way, it's worth it. The Rapidshare link should work fine.

Drunk Horse- S/T (1999)


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